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Top 5 Clues You're Working Too Hard


Your six-year-old made you a birthday card, and you questioned his font choice.

You actually enjoy the taste of energy bars.

You named your first-born child Garamond.

You sweat Red Bull (of coffee).

Your A.E. has stopped signing revision e-mails with smiley-faces.

Calculate your stress level
0 You are a zen master YOU'VE GOT IT GOING ON. Or at least you want me to think you do. Or you're just taking the quiz over and over to see if I'm ever going to tell you you're not stressed and, therefore, don't need to call Rare Type. Just who are you trying to convince? Me - or yourself? Well, I'm not convinced. Even if you're telling the truth, a great copywriter can still help make your good ideas even better. And who doesn't want to be better? (Hint:Yep, I always tell you to call Rare Type).
1 Have you tried yoga? IT'S GREAT FOR RELAXATION. But with your score, it looks like you've already achieved a nice balance between life and design, whcih is harder than it sounds. I'm proud of you. You must be very level-headed. I bet you already work with freelance writers on a regular basis. Maybe you have some in-house. But they have to go on vacation some time. When they do, why not call Rare Type? Better yet, why not give them a break and call now? (Hint: I offer competitive rates.)
2 Breathe. Count to ten. EVEN THOUGH YOU ONLY CHECKED TWO, these stress indicators are pretty extreme, so I'm still concerned for your overall well-being. Because of the nature of this web site's code, I can't tell which two responses you checked, but honestly the only one that doesn't spell crazy is enjoying the taste of Power Bars. And I'm sorry, but those things are awful. Why not play it safe and call Rare Type? (Hint: I bring homemade cookies to my favorite clients.)
3 I'll bring the six pack.

BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO DRINK IT. I prefer wine, personally. Besides, I need to be completely focused so I can communicate your message in the most creative and effective way possible. But you - you, my friend, deserve to relax a little. Call Rare Type for help with your next project, and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel. (Hint: I work weekends, too.)

4 Sleep deprivashun can affect yer speling AS A COPYWRITER, IT HURTS ME to see misspellings. Seriously. Even as a joke, this headline makes me cringe. But the only thing worse than finding a misspelling at a press check is finding you've missed an opportunity because your message wasn't communicated well. Why not call Rare Type for help with your next project? (Hint: I always run spell-check.)
5 Somebody needs a hug HEY, CHIN UP. I bet you're a fantastic designer, and your strong work ethic is admirable. What's more, you dress well. Black is always in style - and it's slimming, too. You pride yourself on excellent service and unique ideas, and you always give your clients more than they expect. But what about yourself? (Hint: I'm great at concepting.) I suggest calling Rare Type for help with your next project. If nothing else, I can recommend a great masseuse.

YOUR DESIGN + MY WRITING = A More Positive Reaction From Your Audience

Creative solutions become stronger when insightful writing is part of the equation. Creating unique and strategic concepts requires talent, research, energy and most of all, time. But you don’t have to (and shouldn’t try to) do it all on your own. Whether you need fresh ideas for print ads, clever taglines or names for a new business, content for Web sites, or scripts for radio and
TV spots, Rare Type can make all the difference in creativity, message, quality — and your own sanity. Please take the time to browse our portfolio and see if we can help with your next project. And relax.

About Us

AND BY 'US', I MEAN 'ME', laurie nantze williamson, freelance copywriter.

So, why the name “Rare Type”? Well, I figured if I can’t come up with an
interesting name for my own copywriting business, what kind of a writer am I?
I’m so glad you asked. I’m a creative freelance copywriter, and I bring something rare to every project I work on: a fresh perspective. With a background in graphic design and advertising, I truly understand my clients and their unique challenges.
I graduated from The University of North Texas with a Communication Design degree, and a minor in English, then worked as a designer for Squires & Company and Imaginaria before starting Rare Type in 2007. When writing a headline or concepting for an ad campaign, I always write with design in mind. That means I am confident suggesting images to go with a given verbal concept, which can make building comps easier — but it also means I value your creativity and ideas, so
I’m just as excited to write copy for your concepts as I am for my own. And in a freelance copywriter, that’s rare.


Laurie Nantze Williamson - DALLAS, TX freelance copywriter

{e} laurie@raretype.net

{p/f} 972.271.1249

{m} 214.728.8878



We'll be happy to E-mail you a legible PDF for any sample that may be difficult to read online. In the meantime, feel free to browse our portfolio by section. Print samples are also available on request. Thanks for your interest in Rare Type, L.L.C.



Advertising Campaign 1

{Design By: Squires & Company}
  Advertising Example 2
  {Design By: Squires & Company}
  Advertising Example 3
  {Design By: Squires & Company}



Annual Report Concepts

Brochure and Annual Report Concepts Example 1
  {Design By: Squires & Company}
  Brochure and Annual Reports Concept Example 2
  {Design By: Imaginaria}
Web Sites Web Site Copy Example 1
  {Design By: Rare Type, L.L.C.}
Radio / TV

Mattress Giant (spec work)
What You Need In A Bed Can Change.

(SFX: Instrumental intro for "Only at Mattress Giant" jingle)

(SFX under announcer: fade-in bouncing sounds [jumping on a bed] with kids' laughter)

ANNOUNCER: When you were a kid, a good mattress was one that bounced really high when you jumped on it.

(SFX under announcer: creaking sound of dumpster opening)

ANNOUNCER: When you were in college, a good mattress was just one that didn't smell funny... or didn't have any visible stains.

(SFX: background noises of guys grunting, moving mattress sounds, i.e. "Got it?" "Okay.' Or "Whew!"[indicating a smell] "That is ripe!", "Yay, free mattress!" with laughter — voices here should sound like college kids)

(SFX under announcer: loud snoring)

ANNOUNCER: Nowadays, a great mattress is just one that doesn't hurt your back or make your arthritis flare up.

(SFX:Snoring fades out)

ANNOUNCER: Your mattress store is changing, too — after years of great prices and quality brands, Clearwater Mattress is now Mattress Giant. You'll find the same great values with service unlike anything you've ever experienced. And with over 20 mattress brands, we're sure to have one that's just right for you. Come see how our mattress store is changing for you.

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